Friday, 13 September 2013

R A L P H L A U R E N Ricky Bag

THE RICKY BAG... WOW! .. Now i am a male but i love looking at accessories which is why i am a huge follower of the blog and also their Instagram as their accessory updates and the images and styles they capture with their handbags is amazing... i LOVE their Hermes bags post especially!!!!

THE SOFT RICKY , is what Ralph Lauren himself calls his luxurious leather handbag as the leather is soft like butted. One MAIN reason why i love this handbag is because it has a bit of the Hermes Birkin & the Celine Phantom inserted into it with the choice of having wings on the side of the bag, also with the flap used to access the bag has a similar look like the Birkin and anyone who buys this bag also has the option with tucking the flap in like the Kardashians like to do with their huge range of Hermes Birkins!   

The attention to detail with this bag is exquisite and the leather is at its highest point which is why the price range of this bag is £1,750. 

There are various colours that the Ricky Bag comes in and i'm loving BRIGHT accessories at the moment as they can make OOTD's POP with colour and bringing attention to an outfit. 

Another part of this bag that i love is that they come with coloured leather interior.... 

So as you can see in the image above the bag has the soft butter leather interior with the electric blue which is another colour i'm loving this year whether it be in denim, shirts, shoes or handbags.

So talking about BRIGHT colours here are some others that i love and the colours are so warm and refreshing..

 In the above text you may have noticed i said 'warm & refreshing' this is purely because these handbags look gorgeous in their citrus coloured leather and i'm LOVING lime especially when i saw it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Khloe owns the lime green Birkin.

These colours above are great colours and would look great with either a plain outfit including alot of black or white.. but you could also colour block with your outfit which has been really popular this past year. 

Jessica Alba is a HUGE FAN of the Ricky Bag as there are various images of her carrying the bag in various colours and heres one of her carrying a deep purple.

Jessica looks as stunning as ever matching her Ricky Bag up with a dark denim washed jean with a cream slouchy top pale blue & white floral blazer and then a white strap shoe. 

If You Thought That Was Luxury....

Here is the Ricky Bag with Alligator leather. This bag is most definitely more luxurious, the shine the Alligator provides on the outside of the bag is stunning and would look great with any outfit. At the moment these are the two colours available on the Ralph Lauren website. 

The bags price point is definitely eye opening at £22,500 

Honestly ... my first reaction i was like OMFG!! However i think this is great for Ralph Lauren as most of their clothing items i think are fairly priced making it more available for everyone whether they wish to buy formal or casual wear. I understand that Ralph will want to make it a more luxurious brand as we have seen a high increase in popularity for brands like Hermes, Celine & Chanel.

Visit     R A U L P H   L A U R E N     to checkout the Ricky bag and other accessories. 

Overall im TOTALLY in love with it and i think Ralph Lauren has a winning accessory which i think will bloom out into 2014. #watchthisspace 

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